What Should You Know about Chetu?

Welcome to this technology blog about Chetu, an app development company that offers premier software solutions to clients all over the world. Chetu is well-known in the industry for providing enterprise-grade technology solutions. As businesses see the benefits of having mobile, desktop, and web-based apps to drive their business forward, Chetu’s on-demand developers can ensure they see value on their investment.

If you are new to Chetu, please know that Chetu has grown to be a company that has 14 locations across the United States. Its headquarters is located in Plantation, FL. To date, Chetu employs more than 1,000 software developers who have built over 16,000 apps for more than 3,000 customers. Here is a list of some of the industries Chetu has completed projects for:


Food and Beverage


Supply Chain



Chetu enjoys a 47% rate of repeat business and referrals. This is because it has implemented programs and processes to ensure that the customer always come first. For example, Chetu has organized its software developers into virtual divisions to cater to each specific industry it works with. When you work with a Chetu software developer, you can expect him or her to have domain experience and a working knowledge of your industry.

Another factor that is often overlooked is time of day. As we mentioned above, Chetu works with clients all over the world. In order to facilitate real-time communication, Chetu assigns developers who will also work during the client’s native time zone. This means less time waiting for a response to an email or a callback. Real-time communication is essential for collaboration on an app development project,

What Will We Talk about in this Blog?

While this will be a blog about Chetu, we will take a look at various issues regarding technology and software development. Some topics that will likely come up include wearable technology, payroll management, payment processing solutions, green technology, and more. In addition to that, we will highlight what Chetu is doing for its clients to help them achieve their objectives.

If you are looking for the best software solutions to help you compete in today’s competitive business climate, you will need a technology partner you can trust to help you get there. We encourage you to come back to learn why Chetu’s software solutions meet and exceed customer expectations.